Ægte Hisense 3D Active Shutter-Briller FPS3D07A Interchange FPS3D05 ,RF-baseret

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Genuine Hisense 3D Active Shutter Glasses FPS3D07A Interchange FPS3D05 ,RF based


The FPS3D07A ACTIVE Shutter 3D glasses included in this accessory package are used for Hisense 3D television models and only for models:

(1) K310 Series : HL55K310PZL3D

(2) K316 Series : HL42K316PZL3D

(3) K360 Series : HL39K360PZL3D , HL50K360PZL3D , HL55K360PZL3D

(4) K560 Series : HL65K560PZLN3D

(5) K610 Series : HL39K610PZL3D,HL50K610PZL3D,HL55K610PZL3D

(6) XT710 Series : HL55XT710PZLN3D

(7) XT780 Series : HL65XT780PZLN3D

(8) XT880 Series : HLUD65XT880 , HLUD58XT880

Hisense ACTIVE Shutter 3D glasses, integrating the advanced LCD shutter technology with anti-interference RF communication, will bring you a vivid and wonderful 3D experience.

feel free to contact if you have any questions!!

For more information , please check on Hisense website!!


Hisense Active Shutter 3DTV enabled LED LCD TV’s will forever change your viewing experience wearing the Hisense 3D glasses.To enjoy your 3DTV experience, put on the glasses and push the 3D button on your remote enjoy the euphoric colors, crisp motion flow; you’ll have a tough time coming back to reality.


(1) 3D Glasses Type : 3D Active Shutter Glasses .

(2) Model Number : FPS3D07A .

(3) SYNC Operation : RF Communication .

(4) Glasses Storage Temperature : -5~50 oC .

(5) Glasses Working Temperature : Range 0~40 oC .

(6) Glasses Weight : 25g .


(1) 3D Glasses X 1

(2) Cleaning Cloth X 1

(3) CR2025 3V Cell Button Battery X 2

( the original box is 2 pairs glasses / box , so if you purchase odd number of glasses , we might use another box to package it )

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oprindelsessted Guangdong, Kina (Hovedlandet)Mærke SINTRONSæt Type BrillerCdpause NoModel-Nummer FPS3D07AAlt-i-en Virtual Reality-Briller NoFOV -Kamera NoVis Antal INGENHavne -Controllere NoPakke JaBriller Type 3d brillerKompatibel Enhed NoTrådløst netværk Type -Type -Real-time Konstruktion Kort NoSensor Type -3D-Briller, Type lukkerBase Stationer No

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