1 Stykke Pente GraphGear 1000 Aluminium Tønde Høj Kvalitet Udarbejdelsen Mekaniske Blyant 0.3/0.5/0.7/0.9 mm

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Et Stykke Pentel GraphGear 1000 Aluminium Tønde Høj Kvalitet Udarbejdelsen Mekaniske Blyant

Model-Nummer GraphGear 1000Krop Materiale PlastSkriver Punkt 0,5 mmMærke pentelFøre Hårdhed HBType Aluminium Krop Udarbejdelsen Af Mekaniske BlyantOpløselige Eller Ikke PastilEmballage Løs

Tags: kuglepen pentel, pentel, zebra delguard blyant, grafit blyant ren, STAEDTLER, mekaniske blyant, pen 2mm, søde fine mekaniske blyant, pencil pentel, mechan blyant, fude pen.

Fusionkidya 2020-12-25

I can not write a review since the package has been ‘lost somewhere in between the seller and me”. If packages are declared as simple parcel, where there is no need to sign for a recievement, thing will get lost. The seller was very cooperative. Aliexpress, also fast replay. What it is strange, Aliexpress system shows I got the parcel. At the end, no refund, no package and me not doing bussiness within Aliexpress.

I Borisov 2021-01-14

Very good quality and convenient. I Like that, you can hide the rod

Nadareishvili1984 2020-12-09

Came a little later than promised, but they shook at customs for six days. Packed very simple, without any protection, but not hurt. In themselves, they look and feel very high quality, all as expected to be original-here also production Japan. By the way is nice, that the seller supplies pencils with fungi inside and self-erasers as a gift put a simple bracelet, the little thing is nice. Many thanks to the seller, went on contact, everything honestly described and sent on time. I wish success to the store, and buyers are not afraid to order

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