FANXITON Lange Silkebløde Lige Aske Blonde Sky Blå Syntetisk Parykker Høj Temperatur Paryk Til Kvinder Med Midterste Del Naturlig Hårgrænse.

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Paryk Type:Syntetisk Paryk Paryk Farve:Blonde Paryk Længde:18-24 Tommer Paryk Massefylde:150% Tæthed Hætte Størrelse (Tommer): Gennemsnit Cap 22-22.5 Tommer På Lager Blonder Farve:Medium Brun Blonder

Grundmaterialet Elastiske blonderParykker Længde langHætte Størrelse Gennemsnitlige StørrelseOprindelse KN(Oprindelse)Tæthed 150%Emner pr Pakke 1 Stykke Og KunMateriale Kvalitet Høj Temperatur FiberKan Blive Permanentet JaFarve Blonder Medium BrunTekstur Silky StraightMærke FANXITON

Tags: hair menneskelige paryk, ombre farverige lace front wig, skyggefulde blonde lace front paryk af menneskehår, aske blonde brasilianske lace front wig, 250 tæthed, front lace wig menneskehår glueless, paryk, deep blue parykker, synthet paryk, anogol platinum blonde paryk.

Mijiritsky 2020-09-17

Wig beautiful, wheat blond, delivery fast, the seller is always in touch, umnichka, I recommend!!!

Camel Trophy 2020-11-27

Thank you to the seller. Good Goods. quickly came the parcel.

Devo444ka 2020-08-29

Amazing wig for a very good price! The wig is very thick, has a big lace part and 3 combs attached for better wearing. The hair is very silky and soft, exactly the Color displayed. The front ist very realistic, highly recommend!

Currie M1 2020-11-24

Well, so-so. In front of the thick fabric is sewn. The border between the hair and the forehead is visible. Plus the hat itself is visible. But before Latvia came in a short time. In a week! For the carnival is suitable.

Nanitolordava 2020-09-15

Thank you soooo much!!! It came very fast!!! I ordered at 09/02 and got it at 09/15. The quality is absolutely amazing, looking good and natural. Conversation with the seller was very pleasant. Absolutely recommend!!!

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